Going against the tide

Is it possible to convince someone against their emotions? If so, I’ve definitely never seen it done successfully. In every case of someone loving the wrong person, trusting the wrong person, or making any other wrong choice involving strong feelings towards the subject, how often are people prevented from the heartache and disappointment of learning the hard way? You can warn them, but you can never really stop them. Raw emotions surpasses logic, for it is delusional, it is the only thing that lets us see the shred of hope in an impossibility. And that is why like always, I am going against the tide. No matter how many facts hold true, it doesn’t diminish the light in me that goes “why not?” It isn’t me being ignorant to the facts, and the suggestions people have put thought and effort into giving me with my best interest at heart, but because it is the only way I can truly get over these feelings.