Romance, feels and the emotional gap 

I don’t know if this happens to anybody else, but when I’m listening to an emotional love song or observing a romantic scene in a drama, I would always think of someone. Now this is really easy when I’m in love, but when I’m not, this someone is not always one specific person. Or any specific person. Most of the times its only the essence of someone I consider ideal, and am emotionally attached to in some way. 

That being said, I personally don’t believe there’s anyone who “doesn’t like anybody”. At such a mature age I think it’s impossible to be completely unattached, the feeling just may not be strong to a point you realise it or sure of it being “real”. But everyone has someone to fill their emotional gap with I’m sure. 

Something high school taught me was that this doesn’t always come in the form of a “crush” with the cutest boy in class. It could also very much be an idol you really love, an idea of someone you barely know, or even a non real-life character of an anime or show. More alternatively even, you could have a lot of friends, or a best friend that keep you from ever feeling empty. But then they’ll still be the people on your mind. 

When you listen to a good love song, who or what do you think of? 

When you see a cute couple on the streets, do you ever imagine that to be you and someone? 

When you watch a really touching romantic scene on screen, maybe where the hero sacrifices himself to do something for the heroine, is there ever a person you think of? A person you wish could do that for you, or a person you wish you could do that for?

I don’t think you can just not think or feel anything. If there’s really no one, do you actually just have an empty mind? Maybe I’m just being too much of a romantic, thinking everyone also gets into these longing, romantic states that I do. I kind of did just crawl into bed after a good afternoon with some tragic romance drama and my feels are going crazy. And yes face(s) popped up that I wish wouldn’t. 

I also realise I ask a lot of rheorical questions when I post. It might just be me pretending I post a lot of relatable things and that ya’ll feel me. Well do ya?  


2 thoughts on “Romance, feels and the emotional gap 

  1. So true! This happens to most of us I believe. If you are in love then it’s your love interest that pops up and if you aren’t then the image gets blurry. Either way, in our movie we play the lead roles!


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