Everything you do I adore


Shit week

I just love it when shit happens, it has to happen at the worst times along with other shit happenings so you’re dealing with one whole pile of shit at the same time. It’s not even Wednesday and already I’m done with this entire week. Since Monday I’ve been constantly under pressure from either the assignments/tests I have due in minimal time or my parents/guardians barging into my business and throwing me things I don’t want to hear (and when I least need the negativity). Everything’s just put me in a solid irritable, sensitive mood and I’ve been running that off on those around me when I don’t mean to. I feel so sorry for people who have to put up with me sometimes (I might be a girl but I feel absolutely guilty for giving boyfriend any attitude for no reason at all) and now my sisters also back and I probably disappointed her with my underwhelming welcome-home. In fact I didn’t even want to come back, but when I did I found out my sister waited all day for me to come back. Which just made me feel even more terrible and emotional, bringing me here sad ranting on wordpress when I should be sleeping (I can’t sleep). I feel way too miserable and on verge of breaking down to sleep right now.